Social Media in a Nutshell


Just when I thought I couldn’t learn more about the internet, I was proven that I in fact could this semester in Social Media class. Of all the things I learned, however, the biggest thing is just how important social media can be for anyone’s success within the Journalism, Media and Computing industry, and just about any other industry in general.

Before this class I had a basic understanding of how social media can be used as a way of seeing if an employer would be interested in hiring you or not, and as a way of networking and making connections with those people who you would want to be working for. LinkedIn is the best tool for this kind of networking, and this semester I learned about it’s importance within the work industry in trying to make yourself known to the world. At first I never put much thought into having a fully-fledged LinkedIn profile, and only had minimal information about myself and my past work experiences. However, after having had a profile for half a year now, I can see just how important it is to build those relationships with not only your peers, but with other professors, faculty, and acquaintances. But that was only one of the things I learned for this class.

This biggest lesson that I took from this class can pretty much be summarized into three words; Don’t Be Stupid. It’s not that hard to simply use common sense with social media, and to always think “Is this an okay-thing to post?” or “Would this upset anyone?” or “Does this sound stupid?” before making any kind of public post. A lot of what we learned about in class was learning from PR disasters from other companies that were mercilessly berated on social media for saying something inappropriate, or responding to a controversial event in not very well thought out way. Thankfully, because of these mishaps, we were able to learn what NOT to do when it comes to social media.

Overall, I enjoyed taking this class this semester. Getting the opportunity to do real-life work for an on-campus client was pretty exciting. I never thought I’d be making a social media plan for an alumni association as a graphic design major, but just having that experience makes me feel more prepared and qualified for a position in the design field. In addition, just learning new things about social media, the fields of journalism, and the web in general were all very interesting. I look forward to putting all my newly-learned knowledge to good use in the upcoming future.


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