Effective Brands of Instagram

Instagram is a great place for businesses and consumers alike to post and share their photos with the world. It doesn’t always have to be a simple photo of someone’s dinner that they made, or a photo of someone’s pet. In actuality, Instagram can be used for various marketing reasons in the business world in a way that is engaging to anyone who scrolls through their feed. While not all businesses are successful at this approach, there are those who do utilize this social media platform very well.



One for profit company that using Instagram very effectively is Tensile. Tensile is a company that specializes in camping tents, specifically tree tents that can be suspended in mid-air wherever you are. Not only does this company post very captivating photos onto their Instagram feed, but they also make sure to engage their audience with their posts. In one case, they had a giveaway for one of their tents on the condition that, in order to win, each person would have to follow a few other accounts related to Tensile, as well as tag friends in the comments about their best adventure story. Not only does this bring in a large audience for people wanting to win a free prize, but it gives the company visibility to others who may not have known about the product and are potentially tagged in one of their posts. The combination of an awesome product, well shot photos, and engaging posts is what makes this company successful.

As far as non-profit companies, one organization that uses Instagram very well is Earth Rights. Much like Tensile, Earth Rights uses stunning imagery to grab the attention of anyone who scrolls through their Instagram feed. They typically use profile photos in their posts, focusing on the individual’s story and why it matters to them. The organization’s use of beautifully edited photos to tell a story that conveys a thought-provoking message is what makes them successful on this platform.