Just One Sentence

I’m the kind of person that likes to ramble on in my writing at times; I feel like sometimes it’s just hard to get everything I want to say condensed down to a short paragraph, let alone a single sentence. I always feel like I have so much to say, but never enough space to do it. So trying to figure out a single sentence that describes who I am as a person is understandably a bit of a difficult task for me.

I guess before I can figure out what my sentence is, I have to understand who I am as a person, and how I am who I am today. I came to Creighton as a Pre-Med student, fully set on the idea of studying Psychology so I could one day work my way up to becoming a Psychiatrist. Despite not having any particularly real interests in science or medicine, this idea of becoming a doctor stuck with me from high school until freshman year of college. Of course that quickly changed a semester into my college career, where I did a complete 180 and switched from Pre-Med to Graphic Design. I realized that graphic design was something that I was actually passionate about and really enjoyed doing, so I decided to explore that major more. It was then that I realized that I enjoyed the JMC department in it’s entirety, and found an additional passion for photography/videography.

Given my sudden change of heart when attending college, I believe that anyone can easily find what they’re passionate about, given that they can find the right experiences. It took one trip to the US/Mexico border for me to find what I was passionate about, but I still wonder if there are other things for me out there that I have yet to uncover that I have a passion for. So for that reason, I believe my sentence would be something along the lines of:

“He is passionate about his work and hobbies, and continues to search for interests in the hopes of discovering most passions.”



3 thoughts on “Just One Sentence

  1. Thinking of my sentence was hard for me because I too tend to ramble on in paragraphs. That being said I think your sentence is great. I think people are constantly growing and changing and therefore their sentences might change over time. I like your sentence because it shows this continuous search to discover more passions and interests.


  2. Ryan I really enjoyed this blog! I think the best part about passions are that throughout life you will continue to find them. Also, I think its so awesome how in college people find new ones so quickly. Good for you for finding something that you want to do after graduation and for studying something that you love.


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