The Wrap Up Blog


Introduction to Mass Communication Technology has been both an informative and fun course to take this semester. I’ve learned a lot of things that deal with the field of journalism that I had not known before, a lot of which pertains to what I’ll be doing with my career in the future. Every class period had a lot of good lessons and information to take away; no class time was wasted at all, and I definitely appreciated that. I always felt well prepared for the exams as well, so that was also a big plus for the class.

I can’t think of a single bad thing that I didn’t like about this class. I loved writing blogs every week that covered different topics pertaining to what we’ve talked about in class. I’ve never done any kind of writing for blogs before, so this was a fun first experience to just jot down my thoughts dealing with class material.

The readings we did for class were also very beneficial books to read. I particularly enjoyed reading Program or Be Programmed, and found myself agreeing with a lot of the points that were made when it comes to how people should be utilizing technology to its fullest potential and actually know how and why things work. It was a very relevant book to read, given most of us in the class are JMC majors.

I think it’d be great if we had more speakers come to the class and talk about their experiences in the field of journalism/graphic design/PR/etc. I really appreciated Justin Kemerling’s lecture, as it really made me take a step back and look at how I, as a graphic design, approach my major in the future. I’m sure others in the class had the same impact as well. Outside speakers as always great to have, and very insightful, so that;d be awesome the the students who take this class next year.

Overall, I really enjoyed this class this semester, and would absolutely take it again if I could. Not to mention, the professor was pretty great, too (congrats on becoming the Department Chair!).